It was with great sadness that we received the news of the passing of our beloved Deacon Lenny McFarlane. All who knew him when he was in regular attendance at church will have many fond memories of him as a brother who was of giant stature in the Beulah Harlesden and Willesden churches. He was a faithful and dependable officer and worker over his many years of service, and was deeply committed to Beulah Apostolic and to Christ. In his office as a Deacon, he was a brother who strongly supported his former Pastors Anderson and Wray respectively. He looked after the practical upkeep of the church, but was equally effective in spiritual activities such as being a member of the Senior Choir and the main baptiser for many years.

Unfortunately, he was forced to withdraw from these ministries due to illness, which turned out to be for the long term. Deacon McFarlane had a deep love of God’s people in general, and showed his kindness to everyone that he could by his generous giving.

During the many years when both Deacon and Sister McFarlane were in good health, their family home was a place in which many brethren found a warm welcome, great company, delicious food and much laughter from the 1970’s right up to very recent times. Convocations, Youth Congresses and other special occasions were all the more enjoyable because of the McFarlanes’ hospitality.

Both husband and wife were accommodating and kind hosts who treated visitors with love and respect, even through their times of sickness when they were being cared for by their children at home. Deacon “Lenny” will long be remembered and greatly missed for his steadfast love and unfailing faith, as well as for his devotion to Christ and His people.

Bishop-Elect Keith Linton
Chairman of the Board

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