Beulah Winston Everard Lowe November 2020

Sunday 29th November 2020 

Elder Winston Lowe, Former Pastor of Shiloh Apostolic Church, Manchester, Jamaica 

Dear Missionary Lowe, Minister Lowe and Family, 

Today marks the 8th day since your dearly loved husband and father departed this life to be with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who called him into rest.   

The Leadership, Officers and members of the entire Beulah Apostolic Church UK have felt your very deep sense of loss and the pain which you have suffered since Sunday 22nd November when you said your sad farewells. For this cause we have all felt that while you have lost the patriarch and head of your home and family, we too lost in Pastor Lowe, a seasoned Man of God, an accomplished Shepherd and father of the Church, and a precious friend. 

So now as you are mourning his loss, may it comfort you greatly to know that your husband and father walked faithfully with God for so many years and finished his course with joy. He also fulfilled the ministry which was committed to his trust, having served in the honourable office of Pastor to which he was called, and which we believe he discharged with distinction. 

In our recent studies we observed God’s prophet Elisha whom we learned was endowed with a double portion of the spirit of Elijah, and was anointed to his very bones. However, we are told in 2 Kings 13:14, “Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died.” This reminds us that it is appointed unto man to die regardless of their standing with God. However, the life which our beloved Pastor Lowe lived before us was a testimony and we are persuaded that he is asleep in Jesus awaiting the trump of God. So, although you miss him greatly and would much prefer that he had not left you all so soon, the Lord himself has relieved him of all his suffering, and has ushered him into the joy of the reward for which he laboured so unwaveringly, for the greater portion of his life on earth. 

To Minister Winston, I would like to say that your father gave you the foundation, and the tools with which to lift yourself from this present place of sorrow and grief, and when your days of mourning are done, you will find that with Christ you are more than able to walk in the legacy left by your dad. Jesus knew only too well that his disciples were not prepared for him to leave them at the time appointed, but he also knew that they were more than able to go to the rest of their journey without him, for he had equipped them for the task they would be undertaking in his absence.   

May God bless and keep you and the whole family at this difficult time, and rest assured that your Church family is standing with you to underpin you with our prayers, and whatever other support we are able to offer. 

Yours Sincerely in the service of Christ, 


Overseer Keith M. Linton  

Chairman of the Board, Beulah Apostolic Church UK 

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