The year of jubilee is special and the word ‘jubilee’ comes from the Hebrew word for ‘ram’ primarily as the Jubilee Year was announced by the blowing of the rams’ horn trumpets. The fiftieth year was earmarked as a time for a very special celebration, a time when the trumpets were sounded across the land on the Day of Atonement. This particular day restored harmony between God and His people. Today, through the Jubilee, the peace of God embraces all that He created.

During the year of jubilee, the land was not to be farmed. The land was to be returned to their original owners, debts cancelled and slaves returned to their families. It is important to note that the land belongs to God and is only leased by humans as part of their inheritance. God promised that the crops of the sixth and every forty-ninth year would be sufficient to sustain the people during the sabbatical year and the year of the jubilee, which followed. The Year of Jubilee is therefore a time for reflection, restoration, rest and return.

The current year, 2007 heralds the jubilee year of Beulah Apostolic Church.
 This publication comes to you with an account of the last 50 years in the life of Beulah Apostolic Church in the British Isles. In fact, the year of jubilee provides the opportunity for us to reflect on our liberation from sin, the promise of redemption as proclaimed by Isaiah and announced by God (Isaiah 61:2; Luke 4:16-21); our relationship with our brethren and of course, our relationship with God.

Little did we think that this work, which began 50 years ago, with a few people in a small room, would eventually grow into a thriving church that it currently is. Fifty years ago, a handful of men had a clear vision to establish a church and they readily accepted the call to proclaim the message of salvation. As they planted and watered, their faithfulness was recognised and as a result, God allowed the church to increase. The glory belongs to God. The preaching and teaching of the gospel at Beulah has touched many lives; churches have been established and within each church, there are brethren with unique ministries that consistently build on the strong foundation that was laid 50 years ago.

The vision to spread the gospel has not faded; rather, there is determination to take it to throughout the country and the world. We recognise that the world needs answers to perplexing questions as well as to the pain and suffering experienced daily. There are people crying out for direction: desperate young men and women, in fact, people from all facets of society regardless of their backgrounds. The answer lies with God who alone is able to create in us a ‘clean heart and renew a right spirit.’ As we look to the future, we believe that the church has a significant role to play in the local community and wider a eld. Strategic planning for further development is important and we must use our talents wisely; He must find us worthy when He returns.

Let us move forward by His strength and power.

Bishop Lanford Gregory

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